Archived Conferences

The Academic World in the Era of the Great War— Trinity College Dublin, 14-16 Aug. 2014

The Music of War: 1914-1918— Conference supported by TORCH, to be held at the British Library, 29-31 August 2014.

Gares en Guerre, 1914-18— AHICF, Paris, 3-5 Sept. 2014.

Home Fronts: Gender, War and Conflict— Women’s History Network Annual Conference, University of Worcester, 5-7 Sept. 2014

Objections to War: Pacificism, Anti-interventionism and Conscientious Objection in Literature, Theatre and Art, 1830-1918— University of Hull, 7-9 Sept. 2014.

WWI and Central and Eastern European History— Austrian Cultural Forum, London, 12-13 Sept. 2014.

Internment on the Isle of Man 1914-1919— Manx Museum, 13-14 Sept. 2014

Culture, Theology and World War I— University of Oxford (TORCH), 19 Sept. 2014.

The Great War’s Shadow: New Perspectives on the First World War— Alberta, Canada, 25-8 Sept. 2014.

The Road to the “Unwanted” War of 1914— Uni of Bucharest, 9-10 Oct. 2014.

War in the History of Ideas— Netherlands Defence Academy, Breda, 14 Oct 2014.

Der Erste Weltkrieg als Zäsur? Kontinuitäten und Brüche in der deutschen Architektur, Stadt- und Freiraumplanung (Badly translated: ‘WWI as a Turning Point? Continuities & Discontinuities in German Architecture, Urban and Open-Space Planning’)– Kassel, 16-17 Oct. 2014.

World War I: Dissent, Activism, & Transformation — Peace History Society, Georgian Court University, Lakewood, New Jersey, USA, 17-18 October 2014.

Modernism at War— University of Glasgow, 18 Oct. 2014.

Mobility and Displacement during the First World War (1912-23)— Sciences Po, Paris, 21 Oct. 2014.

Representing WWI: Perspectives at the Centenary— Humber School, Toronto (Canada), 31 Oct-2 Nov 2014.

Origins, Lessons and Legacies of the First World War— Georgia, USA, 6-8 Nov. 2014.

World War I and the Jews— Centre for Jewish History, New York, 9-10 Nov. 2014.

The First World War: Literature, Culture, Modernity— British Academy, London, 12-13 Nov. 2014.

Beyond Soldiers and Generals: Performing Wartime Identities, Ideologies and Material Culture— Baltimore, 20-23 November 2014.

Conflict and Commemoration in the Postcolonial Francophone World— University of London, 21-22 Nov. 2014.

Prisoners of War in the C20: Actors, Concepts and Changes— Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 24-5 Nov 2014.

Undefended Neutrality: The Culture of Peace in Europe during the Great War— University of Seville, 26-7 November 2014.

Going to War: Europe and Beyond, 1914-15 Conference Programme— RMAS (Sandhurst), 29 Nov. 2014.

War, Travel & Travel Writing— University of East Anglia, 29 Nov. 2014.

The Global History of the Book, 1780 to the Present— Ertegun House, University of Oxford, 4-5 Dec. 2014.

The World and the War from 1914-18— St. Petersburg, Russia, 4-6 Dec. 2014.

WWI and its Aftermath: The Shaping of the Middle East— SOAS (London), 6-7 Dec. 2014.

Remembrance and Representation: Canada, Australia and New Zealand in World War I— Australian National University, 7-8 Dec. 2014.

Vienna Commemoration With(out) Ending: 1914/2014 and its Historiographic Legacy Dec 2014— Vienna, 10-12 Dec. 2014.

Mode, Vêtement et Société en Europe Durant La Première Guerre Mondiale— L’Institut Français de la Mode (Paris), 12-13 Dec. 2014.

Bodies Beyond Borders: The Circulation of Anatomical Knowledge, 1750-1950— Leuven, 7-9 Jan. 2015.

The Age of the Komitadji: Entangled Histories and the Political Sociology of Insurgency in the Ottoman World (1870s-1920s)— University of Basel, 22-4 Jan. 2015.

London and the First World War— IHR (London), 20-21 March 2015.

The First World War: Global, Local & Imperial Perspectives— Uni of Newcastle (Aus), 27-8 March 2015.


Breaking Empires, Making Nations? The First World War and the Reforging of Europe. Natolin, Warsaw campus of the College of Europe. 7-8 April 2015.


(Re-)Creating Historical Towns and Cities after WWI. Adam Mickiewitz University, Poznan, 16-17 April 2015.