Reclaiming material memories of the First World War through ALS: a Prisoner of War Camp in Czersk, Poland

For researchers interested in archaeology and the First World War, please see here for a poster, which presents the results of reclaiming material memories of the Prisoners of War Camp (PoW), run by the Germans during the First World War in Czersk (Poland) using ALS data and its derivatives.

Further information on this work can be found in:
Kobiałka D., Kostyrko M., Kajda K., 2015, Inconspicous and forgotten material memories of the First World War: the case of a PoW camp in Czersk, Poland [in:]Zalewska A., Scott J., Saunders N. (eds) Archaeology as a Medium of Reconciliation. Modern Conflict Archaeology (1914-2014), in press.