Call for volunteers: ‘FWW Family Day’, Museum of Oxford, 1 August 2016

The Museum of Oxford has an exciting opportunity for PhDs or postdocs interested in a very short-term community engagement project. They’re hosting a “FWW Family Day” on August 1st, and are looking for some help in planning the activities and writing information sheets. The museum is centrally located in the Town Hall (right near Carfax Tower).

This would at most involve attending four short planning sessions before August 1st, with optional (but very welcome) attendance on the day itself. A good opportunity for anyone looking to add some FWW-related community engagement to their CV.

They are fairly desperate for assistance with this, and we’re hoping that with such a strong community of FWW experts in Oxford, including ~20 PhDs and postdocs, that someone will be able to help them out!

If interested, please contact Chloe Cadge at the Museum of Oxford,