Globalising and Localising the Great War aims to bring together scholars both young and old(ish) who are working on the War from a variety of different perspectives. The project has created a number of funded doctoral studentships and post-doctoral positions at the University through collaboration with Merton College, Jesus College and the Rothermere American Institute. The fundamental objective of the project is to ensure that the commemoration of the War produces ground-breaking new research and fresh insights which challenge rather than confirm our often clichéd perspectives on an event that shaped— and continues to shape— our world. For more details, please see the Research pages.

Globalising and Localising the Great War is a joint initiative between the Changing Character of War Programme (Pembroke College) and the Oxford Centre for Global History (History Faculty). The Changing Character of War is an interdisciplinary research centre which has addressed law, ethics and international relations as well as history. The Oxford Centre for Global History has embraced those in Oxford who are interested in imperialism and empires as well as transnational topics. The launch of the project was marked by a major conference, held at the Maison Française d’Oxford in January 2014.

Get involved

A central aim of the project is to facilitate dialogue between scholars in Oxford, and across the world, whose research focuses on the Great War. We are also keen to forge partnerships and to arrange exchange programmes with non-UK based universities. To get involved please contact the Research Network Coordinator, Jeanette Atkinson (, or any faculty at Oxford who are involved with the project. Meanwhile the creation of doctoral studentships and post-doctoral posts relies upon the continued generosity and vision of benefactors: for further information, see Support Us.