December 2015: Postgraduate Workshop

Connecting Approaches on the First World War in the Wake of the Centenary
Monday 7 December, Maison française d’ Oxford


9h-9h15: Welcome and introduction

9h15 – 10h45: Global dimensions of the conflict
Chair: Iris Rachamimov (Oxford/Tel Aviv University)
Comments: Hannah-Louise Clark (Oxford)
Michael Joseph (Oxford): Racialised Recruitment: British West Indian Troops in Historical Perspective
Clothilde Houot (Paris 1/Oxford): Local forces in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
Stefano Marcuzzi (Oxford): Italy’s ‘parallel war’ in Libya: a forgotten front of World War I

10h45 – 11h15: Coffee break

11h15 – 12h45: Mobilisation and Temporal Structures
Chair: Claire Morelon (Oxford)
Comments: Adrian Gregory (Oxford)
Matteo Millan (University College Dublin): Forerunners of the Great War? Images of the internal enemy, fear of revolution and forms of mobilisation among Italian middle-classes in the years preceding the First World War
Calum White (Oxford): “Nothing short of a public scandal”: Cinemas, Profiteering, and the Housing Crisis after the First World War
Christina Theodosiou (Paris 1): The 11 November celebrations: commemoration and temporal structures

12h45 – 13h45: Lunch

13h45-14h45: Combatants’ experiences of the First World War
Chair: Hew Strachan (St Andrews)
Comments: John Horne (Oxford/Trinity College Dublin)
Dimitri Chavaroche (Paris 1): Le combat rapproché et le corps à corps. L’expérience de guerre d’un acte rare/Close quarters combat and hand to hand fighting: the war experience of a rare act
Jack Doyle (Oxford): Building the new soldier: French and American conceptions of the First World War flying ace

14h45 – 15h: Coffee break

15h – 16h30: The First World War during the Second World War
Chair: Nicolas Offenstadt (Paris 1)
Comments: Pierre Purseigle (Trinity College Dublin/University of Warwick)
Anne-Sophie Anglaret (Paris 1): French veterans during the Occupation, 1940-1945
Ashley Garber (Oxford): Generations and Memory: First World War Veterans during the Second World War in Britain and America
Sylvain Delpeut (Paris 1): Les livres d’une mémoire: les recommandations bibliographiques de l’Amt Rosenberg/The books of a memory: the bibliographical recommendations of the Amt Rosenberg

16h30-17h: Conclusions by Hew Strachan and Nicolas Offenstadt

17h-17h30: Coffee break

17h30 – 18h30: Keynote lecture by John Horne: A Colonial Expedition? French Soldiers’ Experiences at the Dardanelles

Generously supported by the Mission du Centenaire, the Sanderson Fund, Oxford History Faculty, the Maison française d’Oxford and the Observatoire du centenaire de l’université Paris 1.