GLGW Events 2016-2017

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Location: Memorial Room, Worcester College (except week 3)
Days and times: Thursdays, 16.00-17.30

Week 1 (Apr 27) – No seminar

Week 2 (May 4) – Dr Emma Hanna (University of Kent) Music and Morale in the British Army, 1914-1918

Week 3 (May 11) – Dr Kathryn Eccles and Jamie Cameron (Oxford Internet Institute): demo of Cabinet, an Oxford Internet Institute project. Producing First World War content for Cabinet.
Please note: this event will take place at the usual day and time, but will be in the Gerry Martin Room, History Faculty.

Week 4 (May 18) – Dr Rebecca Bennette (Middlebury College), Diagnosis Psychopath? The Medicalization of Conscientious Objectors in Germany during the First World War

Week 5 (May 25) – Professor William Phillpott (King’s College, London), Underperforming or overachieving? The French army in 1917

Week 6 (June 1) – Session on Women in Ireland during the First World War:
Dr Fionnuala Walsh (Trinity College Dublin) Public money turned to disgraceful purposes’: the soldiers’ wife in wartime Ireland, 1914-1918
Professor Senia Paseta (Oxford) “New issues and old”: Women, War and Politics in Ireland, 1914-18

Week 7 (June 8) – Dr Sophie De Schaepdrijver (Penn State University) – Enemy Rule: seeing the First World War through the lens of military occupations

Week 8 (June 15) – Professor Mark Cornwall (University of Southampton/All Souls) The Wartime Hunt for Traitors and the Future of Austria-Hungary

Hilary – term card: GLGW Seminar Series Hilary
Week 2 (Jan 26) – Arabella Hobbs (University of Pennsylvania) Enmity or empathy? Jacques Rivière’s L’Allemand

Week 3 (Feb 2) – Professor Alexander Watson (Goldsmith’s University) The Fortress: A Case Study of Total War in the East, 1914-15

Week 6 (Feb 23) – Dr Jonathan Boff (University of Birmingham) Ego-Documents and Official History: Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria’s Diary and the Battle for Memory, 1914-39

Week 7 (Mar 2) – Dr Maggie Andrews (University of Worcester) Worcestershire’s Women:  local studies and the gender politics of the Great War and its legacy

Week 8 (Mar 9) – Dr Jessica Meyer (Leeds) From Bandage Wallahs to Knights of the Red Cross: The Men of the Royal Army Medical Corps in the First World War

Week 1 (13 Oct) – Professor John Horne (Trinity College Dublin & University of Oxford), Inventing the Front: Cognition and Reality in the Great War – This paper is presented as part of Professor Horne’s Leverhulme Visiting Professorship at the University of Oxford

Week 2 (20 Oct) – Jean-Philippe Miller-Tremblay (École des hautes études en sciences sociales), Learning to Move on the Parade Ground in the British army, 1914-1918

Week 3 (27 Oct) – Fatemeh Masjedi (Zentrum Moderner Orient), Tabriz under two rival empires: Ottomans and Russians during the Great War

Week 4 (3 Nov) – Professor Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses (Maynooth University), Victorious in name only: The Portuguese Republic and its empire at war, 1916-1918

Week 5 (10-11 Nov)ISFWW Conference

Week 6 (17 Nov) – Dr Tomás Irish (Swansea University), Scholarly identities in war and peace: the Paris Peace Conference and the mobilization of intellect

Week 7 (23 Nov) – Professor Andrew Lambert (King’s College London), Rescuing Maritime Strategy from the Continental Commitment: Julian Corbett’s analysis of Gallipoli and Jutland in the Official History of Naval Operations
Please note: this seminar will take place in the Colin Matthew Room, Faculty of History on Wednesday; the time remains unchanged.

Week 8 (1 Dec) – Dr Tamara Scheer (Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for Historical Social Science/Institute for East European History, University of Vienna), Kde domov muj and Wacht am Rhein: Singing Loyalty and Disloyalty in Habsburg Bohemia during the First World War