WWI Centenary listings

For event and activity listings underway at the University, see here. Oxford Brookes have also set up a centenary network to act as a hub for the county. For events taking place within Oxfordshire, see the County Council’s listings.

An idea of the broader range of activities taking place around Britain can be found on the First World War Centenary Partnership website. An extensive range of resources, including articles and events can be found on the Centenary News website. A catalogue of centenary websites set up by various national organisations around the world can usefully be found here. For an indication of the academic research taking place in the field, see the International Society for First World War Studies (ISFWWS) website.

As part of their Black History Month, Great War London has a wide range of important resources. See here for further information.

New York Public Library offers some extensive online exhibitions. One particularly relevant to the GLGW project is Africana Age: African and African Diasporan Transformation in the Twentieth Century. For further information see here.