Dancing in the Shadow of the First World War

Dancing in the Shadow of the First World War
10:30am – 5pm, Saturday 29 November 2014
London College of Fashion

The Society for Dance Research is holding a one day symposium that explores dance during the First World War. Its impact on the political, social and economic histories of the Twentieth Century has often been explored but what was its significance for dance? This exciting day will open dialogues on a particularly under-researched area in dance history and provide new insights into dance’s complex relationship with events and values of the World War One era.

The symposium will feature a keynote speech by Theresa Buckland, Professor of Dance History and Ethnography, University of Roehampton on the topic of ‘Popular Dancing Around the First World War’. This will be followed by papers by Ramsay Burt, Charlotte Ewart, Nicole Haitzinger, Michael Huxley, Carole Kew, Dana Mills, Larraine Nicholas, Jane Pritchard, and Marianne Schultz on topics that will include: the patriotic dance programming in London during the war; the war’s influence on artists such as Isadora Duncan, Wassily Kandinsky, Léonide Massine and Pablo Picasso; and the influences and preoccupations of social dance forms.

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Venue: RHS West JPS133 (Room), London College of Fashion, John Prince’s Street, London W1G 0BJ
Registration and sale of tickets for this event will close on Monday 24 November.