CfA: “Remember the Dead, Remind the Survivors, Warn the Descendants“ – War Memorials from a Global Perspective

War destroys human life, but at the same time creates the space that can lead to memorialization. The memories of war are often physically expressed by war memorials. These sites of remembrance may be different in many ways, following national contexts and traditions, however, there are also many similarities which bridge national/cultural differences. Regardless of the fact of who is being remembered, e.g. soldiers, civilians, victors or vanquished, there is a tradition of war memorials which is as old as warfare itself.

For an edited volume on war memorials from a global perspective we seek contributions by historians and those working in related fields such as memory studies, gender studies, media studies, etc.

We request your short proposal (around 300 words) and an abbreviated CV by December 10, 2015.

Final chapters with a length of 7.000-10.000 words, using footnotes following the latest Chicago Manual of Style are due by May 31, 2016.

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