CFP: Connected Histories, Mirrored Empires British and French Imperialism from the 17th through 20th centuries

How were the British and French empires formed in relation, contrast or in spite of the other? How was each complicit in shaping the other—as opponent, ally, or frère ennemi? How were they connected? This conference encourages historians to conceive of the French and British empires together, as each empire endured as a point of reference and connection for the other. This conference addresses connections and shared experiences of the French and English/British empires from their emergence in the early modern period through decolonization.

Venue: University of Hong Kong, 27-29 May 2016

Proposals are invited for individual papers of about 20 minutes, and for panels including three such papers. Address questions to James Fichter at

To apply, send abstract of 200 words (maximum) and one-page c.v. by 1 December 2015 to

Further information here.