Call for Chapters: U.S. Security Issues and World War I

Dr. Craig B. Greathouse
Dr. Austin Riede

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 28, 2017
Full Chapters Due: June 1, 2017 this may be extended
Final Submission Date September 1, 2017 this may be extended

As part of its new series on Security Studies and in commemoration of the World War I Centennial, the University of North Georgia Press is soliciting scholarly submissions for a peer reviewed collection of essays on U.S. Security Issues and World War I. This book will look at the security issues of World War I through the lens of the United States both in terms of domestic and international influences. The book looks to incorporate multi-disciplinary views about security issues and the impact these had on the U.S. or that the U.S. had on the international system. The book will examine security issues based on three themes including international influences, the U.S. home front / culture, and military issues.

Recommended Topics
The authors and the press have no apriori chapters which must be included however topics must be able to fit into one of the three themes. We ask that submissions directly address U.S. security in World War I through a focus on international influences, the U.S. Home front / culture, or military issues.

Possible subjects to consider include, but are not limited to, the following:
*Health/diseases, particularly shell shock and venereal disease
*Militarization and mobilization of civilians
*U.S. borders and immigration
*The economy
*The home front & popular understanding of the war
*The draft and draft evasion
*Education & academic freedom
*Letters to and from the warzone
*Depicting the war in cinema, radio, and newsprint
*Foreign Policy with belligerent and non-belligerent state
*Science and technology
*Isolationism vs. Globalism
*Literary and artistic depictions of security risks/war
*Labor and the Labor Movement (strikes, unions, and the war)
*Specific military operations
*Naval operations and submarine warfare
*Military operations in the air (airplanes and balloons)
*Comparative analysis of security measures in various belligerent states

Please submit your chapter proposals to Dr. Craig Greathouse or Dr. Austin Riede at or

Contact Info:
Dr. Craig Greathouse
Professor of Political Science
University of North Georgia