CfP: The Cadorna’s War 1915-1917

Trieste, Italy, October 2016

The General Staff of the Italian Army, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism – Directorate General Fine Arts and Landscape, the University of Trieste, the Institute of Political Studies “San Pio V” in Rome and the Institute for the History of Liberal Thought are organizing an international study meeting on “The Cadorna’s War 1915-1917” that will take place in Trieste in October 2016. The meeting will be divided into three panels: political, military and international relations. The aim of the meeting is a critical review of the period from 1915 to 1917, where Italy was involved in his offensive war, led by General Cadorna, against the Central Powers. The main themes on which to focus in proposing papers are:

The political panel will cover the analysis of sequences of governments to the crisis Cabinet Boselli, the leading political forces and factions, the issues of economic and financial, the industrial mobilization and patriotic mobilization and civil.

The military panel will address the following points: management of the war and its aims; the main battles and offensive; the specialties of the army and used in line with the evolution of the technological needs of war; the role of the navy and air force; military justice; discipline and personnel management; war Italian outside of Italy.

The panel will focus on diplomatic international relations with a focus on the following themes: political relations and military allies; the entry in war of the United States and countries of the Danubian and Balkan; the February Revolution in Russia; the inter-Allied command; Italian diplomacy and the purpose of the war; Gjirokastra; the Conference of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne; the declaration of war on Germany; the Masonic Congress in Paris.

These theme topics should be treated in all their complexity, avoiding excessive specialization in the papers.

Those interested in attending the meeting, please send paper proposals of no more than 300 words, with a short biography, to the following e-mail addresses by 30 June 2016:

Italian, English and French are the languages of the meeting.

Contact: Andrea Ungari (;