Scholarships: February deadlines

Hertford College, through the Trustees of the Bruce, Julia and Mortimer May Fund, intends to award a Senior Scholarship in Geography. The Scholarship, which is open to Home, EU and Overseas applicants, will be tenable from October 2015 for three years. It covers all relevant university and college fees and the holder will, in addition, receive £15,000 a year to cover living expenses. Deadline: 13 February 2015. Further information: Mortimer May 2015.

Jenkins Memorial Fund Scholarships. The Fund promotes the exchange of students between universities in continental Europe and Oxford by providing scholarships in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Tenable for 3 months to 1 year, up to £10,000. Deadline: 20 February 2015.

Santander Academic Travel Awards. Santander provides up to £35,000 in academic travel awards for Oxford students. These awards enable postgraduates to travel to Santander Network countries for academic-related activities, such as collaborative work at other universities, fieldwork, or study projects. Up to £1,000. Deadline 27 February 2015.

Scatcherd European Scholarships. The Scatcherd Scholarships allows students to undertake study or research in all European Countries except the UK. Tenable for 3 months to 1 year. Up to £6,500. Deadline: 20 February 2015.