Oxford at War 1914-1918 family history roadshow

Do you have a family story or local history about the First World War? Bring your WW1 stories, photos, documents, letters, postcards, clothes, medals, and other objects to the Oxford at War 1914-1918 Roadshow on 12th November 11-4pm at IT Services, 13 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 6NN.

For more information see http://www.oxfordatwar.uk/

What to expect on the day?
You’ve seen Antiques Roadshow – well, this is the same without the valuation. Our experts will talk to you about your stories and what you have brought in. They’ll record the details, and then our digitisers will photograph your items so we can upload them to the website www.oxfordatwar.uk. Please just turn up on the day, there may be queues but also exhibitions and films to divert you. If you would like to make an appointment (optional) please ring: 01865 283686 or email ww1collections@it.ox.ac.uk

What if you can’t join us?
Do tell your friends! And you can upload your stories and photos to the website http://www.oxfordatwar.uk

Why is the University of Oxford doing this?
We want to preserve the memory of the First World War and those who lived then. By recording stories and material in digital form, they can be made available online to students, researchers, school children and anyone interested in the history of the War and the stories about the people who lived then. See more in this short video, where Dr Stuart Lee talks about why we are doing this https://youtu.be/wsUnCAPwv90

Download poster: oaw-roadshow-poster

Experts and volunteers needed for WW1 reminiscence event at Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, Saturday 26 September

Saturday 26 September, 1-4pm: Remembering the Great War

A reminiscence day inviting the public to share family memories, papers and objects from World War One.

Description: Do you have memorabilia from World War One? Bring your World War One letters, photographs, diaries, objects, and diaries to the Museum of the History of Science on Saturday 26 September to share your ancestors’ memorabilia and memories of the war. We want to save this material and share it on the internet so everyone has a better understand of what the war meant to ordinary people especially those in Oxfordshire.

Bring your objects to the Museum of the History of Science on Saturday 26 September. We will photograph and scan your pictures, objects and documents and put them online on Oxford at War and Europeana 1914-1918.