Wolvercote WW1 Aerodrome Memorial

The community project, Wolvercote WW1 Aerodrome Memorial, aims to establish a new memorial to 17 airmen who died in accidents associated with this WW1 aerodrome on Port Meadow. The project is a repository for photographs and information about Wolvercote Aerodrome and its WW1 heritage. Pembroke College has some affiliation with pilot training undertaken at the aerodrome, accommodating RFC/RAF cadets undergoing theoretical/ground based training at the No.2 School of Military Aeronautics, before a posting to a flying school such as Port Meadow.

The project’s latest development is the decision over an agreed memorial design and location. They have now commenced fund raising.

A very brief overview of the history of aviation on Port Meadow, which had its peak from mid 1916 to mid 1919 is here: Aerodrome history overview July 2015

Their project Facebook page has an overview of the project and lots of other information.

A BBC WW1 At Home feature, entitled ‘Port Meadow Aerodrome, Oxfordshire: Challenges of Training with the Royal Flying Corps‘, was broadcast in June 2014. The casualty list has expanded slightly since then with two airmen identified who were killed near Ascot while on an official flight from Port Meadow.